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Do you remember the days before Pandora, Spotify and iTunes Radio? The days before radio largely became an automated jukebox with pre-recorded announcements? The days when the DJ seemed like a friend, would say hi to you, and play your requests? They maybe gone, but not completely, and they’re certainly not forgotten.

You’ve found the Mosen Channel, home of the live Mosen Explosion show, still going strong after over a decade on Internet radio, bringing you great music, fun chat, and a sense of community and friendship that’s all too rare. It’s radio the way it was meant to be.

About Me

Welcome to the website for the Mosen Channel, hosting the Mosen Explosion and drawing from my extensive archives of my radio career. You can hear us on TuneIn, Ootunes, iTunes, your Apple TV, Radium and more.

I’m Jonathan Mosen, the host of the Mosen Explosion, which airs most Sundays at 2 Pm Eastern, 7 PM in the UK. That’s Monday morning where I live, at 8 AM in New Zealand.
While the show is best heard live, so you can join in the conversation via email and twitter, it also replays on Wednesdays at 7 Pm US Eastern time.

I’ve been involved with radio from a very early age, having begun being heard by radio listeners in my home town of Auckland, New Zealand, from the age of four. I always wanted to work in broadcasting, so while I was still at high school, I established a licensed radio station at the school for the blind, to demonstrate that blindness was no barrier to working in broadcasting. We funded the whole thing with advertising, and I made many useful radio contacts through inviting them out for a look and to guest host a show. During and after completion of my degrees in History and Political Science, I worked on a number of commercial radio stations both in broadcasting, and administration. When it was time to start a family however, the crazy deregulated radio market at the time in New Zealand, where stations were regularly changing owners and formats, was no stable place to be. So I’ve worked in other fields such as Government relations and information technology. While on the Government relations track, I went back to University to complete a Master’s degree in Public Policy. Radio, though, is my first love. I’ve run a number of low power community FM stations, some of which streamed on the Internet, and founded ACB Radio in 1999, which I directed for 4 years. I’ve stood for Parliament twice but the people were too sensible to elect me, been the Chairman of the Board of New Zealand’s blindness agency and the President of our blindness consumer organisation (but of course not at the same time), and am a registered hypnotherapist. I love a wide range of music but am a fanatical Beatles fan and collector. I enjoy public speaking, politics from around the world, radio drama but not Twitter drama, good food and wine, cricket, stimulating conversation, and spending time with my beautiful wife Bonnie and four children, two girls and two boys.

About the Show

Presented from Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, from studios at Mosen Towers, the Mosen Explosion is four hours of radio that’s full of fun, spontaneity, listener interaction and the very best music ever made. I try to make the show like the ones I enjoyed listening to as a kid, with plenty of jingles, use of funny little audio snippets and a fast pace. Special features include:

  • The Banana Report, where the Mosen kids get let loose on the air and say who knows what.
  • Today in history, often with a few little observations thrown in
  • And regular visits to the world of the bizarre with our wacky news bulletins sprinkled throughout the show.

But mostly, we spend our time playing a huge variety of great music. If I have it, I’ll play it, no matter what the genre or when it was made. Much of what we play is driven by you, and that’s the way we like it. If you’re a new listener, we’ll induct you as a friend of the show by exploding you. Yes, this is one place where being exploded is actually a good thing!

Keeping In Touch and Making Requests

It’s easy to keep in touch with the Mosen Explosion.

Email the Show

If you’d like to make a request for the show, Email me any time and I’ll do what I can to help. The address for requests by Email is my first name at MosenExplosion dot com. Sorry but I have to spell it out that way to try and keep the nasty spam spam spam spam spam spammers away.

Follow Me on Twitter

You are welcome to follow me on the social networking site Twitter.What’s nice about Twitter is that you can see who else is following the show to. Follow other listeners and you’ll complement what’s happening on the air by chatting with others listening to the same show as you. It can be a lot of fun, much of the listener banter that surrounds the show is really entertaining. Use the #MosenOnAir hash tag in your tweets, and others who are not following you but who have an interest in the Mosen Explosion can read what you tweet. Who knows, you may get a few followers out of it too.

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Be my friend and I’ll be yours…Aw, whatever happened to Barney anyway? If you’d like to write on my wall, or just put another brick in it, Friend me on Facebook..

Email Lists

If you would like to be Emailed announcements about what is coming up on the show, as well as information about specials that may be heard from time to time, please subscribe to the Mosen Explosion announcements mailing list. To do so, just send a blank message to

If you would like to receive the same announcements, but also interact with other Mosen Explosion listeners, please send a blank message to: Exploders-Subscribe@MosenExplosion.comThis is a low traffic discussion list and you would be welcome.